New Research Activities

My studies are now focused on the new deep learning techniques to widen my knowledge and merge this research field with my PhD experience in optimal control teory and dynamic system, for obtaining new control strategies based on self-learning, that works without a priori knowledge of the system.

To obtain this goal I'm writing a didactic framework for deep learning in Python and numpy (PyNet), to learn as handling the deep learning techniques.

Phd Activities

My PhD topics was focused on development of models and control systems for Electroactive Polymers for the exploitation of ocean wave energy and control theory in research field relating to Human-Robot Interaction.

The main projects were:
  • PolyWEC, an European project focused on exploiting electroactive Polymers for Wave Energy Conversion.

  • VERITAS, an European project for developing of Virtual and Augmented Environments and Realistic User Interactions To achieve Embedded Accessibility DesignS.

Cheros s.r.l.

Co-founder of Cheros s.r.l. spinoff of Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna:

  • Manager and backend developer for QatHome, a queue manager system for small and huge enterprise business;

  • Researcher for Inflatable Dielectric Elastomer Generator - PTO Project, an Wave Energy Scotland project that has the aims to further develop a breakthrough technology for the conversion of ocean wave energy into electricity through the use of electrostatic or dielectric elastomer generators.

Lifetime Activities

Personal site

Game developer

  • Currently I am a member of the team mnemosyne as developer.

Curriculum Vitae