Gastone Pietro Rosati Papini

Research Activity

My current research is dedicated to the application of cutting-edge machine learning techniques in the field of applied mechanics and control theory. Specifically, I focus on studying advanced control and modeling tools tailored for mechanical systems, with a strong emphasis on leveraging neural networks. Building upon my experience as an automation engineer, my objective is to seamlessly integrate these fields, extracting the most compelling aspects from each. By combining the principles of model-based control theory with the adaptability offered by machine learning tools like neural networks, I strive to develop self-learning control strategies that leverage the comprehensive knowledge obtained from the model.

Associate Professor Activities

Teaching activities as Associate Professor at the University of Trento include:

  • Architectures of intelligent transportation systems, It aims to educate about the hardware and software designs for intelligent vehicles, explaining the functioning of key safety systems within the vehicle and providing historical context. The understanding European directives related to approving innovative safety systems for autonomous driving, offering an overview of V2X communication.

  • Intelligent vehicles and autonomous driving, This course aims to equip students with the essential knowledge and skills necessary for designing and implementing autonomous driving systems. It covers understanding the different levels of automation (SAE levels), defining the primary perception systems involved, explaining the main control algorithm architectures utilized at various levels, and providing the necessary implementation skills.

Assistant Professor Activities

Teaching activities as Assistant Professor at the University of Trento include:

  • Vehicles dynamics, planning and control of robotic cars, The objective of the course is to develop and validate, in simulation, an autonomous driving system.

  • Dynamics and control of vehicles and robots, The goal of this course is to teach the student how to model vehicle systems and sub-systems to study/optimise vehicle dynamics, design low-level control systems, the techniques for trajectory plannings, and intelligent vehicle architectures.

Postdoc Research Activities

As a research fellow at the University of Trento, I design model based smart controllers for the field of autonomous driving in the framework:

  • Dreams4Cars, an European project focused on developing an autonomous agent taking inspiration from the human-brain and dreams.

Phd Activities

My PhD at the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna were focused on developing models and control systems for Electroactive Polymers for the exploitation of ocean wave energy and control theory in the research field relating to Human-Robot Interaction. The main projects were:

  • PolyWEC, an European project focused on exploiting electroactive Polymers for Wave Energy Conversion.

  • VERITAS, an European project for developing of Virtual and Augmented Environments and Realistic User Interactions To achieve Embedded Accessibility DesignS.

Cheros s.r.l.

Co-founder of Cheros s.r.l. spinoff of Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna:

  • Manager and backend developer for QatHome, a queue manager system for small and huge business enterprises;

  • Researcher for Inflatable Dielectric Elastomer Generator - PTO Project, an Wave Energy Scotland project that has the aims to further develop a breakthrough technology for the conversion of ocean wave energy into electricity through the use of electrostatic or dielectric elastomer generators.

Lifetime Activities

Personal work

  • a web application with Django and jQuery.

  • a web application in nodejs

  • PyNet: a didactic framework for deep learning in Python and numpy.

Curriculum Vitae